Our History

Our history takes us back to 20th March 2016 when we first opened the doors to begin our mission of reaching young people and creating a Christian family that is Evangelical, Culturally relevant and spiritually potent. On 19th March 2017, we celebrated our one-year anniversary at the church, a milestone moment for us; which wasn’t without its challenges and came after months of steady progress through prayers and work, a year that has seen us grow as a family both in numbers and in faith. And as members of the Divine Grace Family, we thank God for his Grace.

It is also the year that saw us, through the Grace of God; create a strong team of leaders. This includes church elders as well as other leaders of the church who have been instrumental and continue to be instrumental to the church’s mission and vision. Some of these leaders were part of the Divine Grace Church from the beginning and some of them joined us along the way, it is with their input and commitment we continue to grow in our mission.

Through tireless works of the leadership team, in a space of one year we have been able to create a strong praise and worship team, we created and have been able to maintain our culture of having a cup of fellowship together every Sunday, whereby all members of the Divine Grace family join together and have a cup of Coffee or tea; this gives a chance to members of the Divine Grace family to bond with other members and share experiences. We also thank God for giving us the grace to celebrate our first Christmas at the church, together as a family.

By the Grace of God and vision He gave our leaders, we now have a youth ministry called BLAST Youth Ministry. BLAST is an English speaking vision-led youth and young adult ministry from Divine Grace Church that was launched on 15th Jan 2017 with the aim of training and equipping young people, it emphasizes on spiritual growth, the discovery of purpose, maximizing potential and character development.

Words can’t express how thankful we are to God for being with us this whole time. It is by faith we are here today and we pray to God that he may be with us in the years ahead, for without him we cannot do anything.

Throughout this time, we were also able to hold praise and worship events on the first Sunday of each month, where we invite different guests including private singers, groups and praise teams from other churches; a tradition we continue to do.